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Toprak Cevherleri İşletmesi İnşaat 

Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

BESANTAŞ A.Ş has become one of the leading companies in the construction sector during its mining adventure that started in 1977 and has formed the foundations of many projects in Istanbul with its A quality aggregate.

What are we doing?


In our quarry, production is carried out through open mining method. After the graywacke material on the stone is excavated, the holes drilled at a depth of 12-15 meters with a drilling machine (rock) are exploded using emulite dynamite, anfo and delayed capsule. The material obtained is loaded onto trucks with wheeled and tracked loader machines and transported to the crushing and screening facility. In the crushing and screening plants, the material is divided into appropriate sizes and classified as 1no stone chips, 2no stone chips and stone dust and other materials. The material allocated to the silos is transported to the customer via transporter trucks, and the remaining material is stacked separately in the stock areas.


As Besantaş, in line with the goals that support the understanding of sustainable growth, it conducts it in a way that does not affect human and environmental health, with the permissions obtained from legal authorities.


It produces ready-mixed concrete and asphalt aggregate at our facilities in Istanbul, without compromising on occupational safety and environmental issues. However, our existing facilities are designed to produce products with different gradations in line with customer needs.


In Besantaş production facilities, products that comply with the TS 706 EN 12620 concrete aggregate standard are produced and the productions are carried out within the scope of CE marking.

Çapa 1


BESANTAŞ A.Ş. Signing a first in 1986,

It brought the first Volvo trucks to Turkey and ushered in a new era in the industry.

In 1986, Volvo brought N12 model trucks. In 1994

Volvo NL12 model trucks were brought and added to their inventory. and has become a pioneer in the industry.


Definition of Gravel

The crushed stone is a mineral mass, rock material, in the range of 5mm-38mm sieve; The material can be basalt, limestone (limestone) and other rocks, depending on the region from which it is extracted.

The size of crushed stone, which is a kind of mineral mass, varies. Number 1 stone chips, number 2 stone chips, 3 and stone dust.


Where is crushed stone used?

Gravel is used in many areas from concrete production to asphalt, filling, drainage works, from temporary and service roads to landscaping, landscaping and social park areas.

Especially on highways, the road supported with gravel is also used as a precaution, as it enables high speed vehicles to reduce their speed. In cases where the crushed stones are used on the roads as not compacted, a forced deceleration is provided as the free movement of the crushed stones makes vehicle control difficult at high speed. However, this practice, which causes the vehicles to lose their control in sudden accelerations and maneuvers, is generally used in temporary solutions and the drivers are warned against this danger with traffic signs and markers, the cruising speed is reduced.

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