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During the ready-mixed concrete adventure that BESANTAŞ BETON started in 2010

It has formed the foundations of many projects with A quality concrete in Esenyurt, Beylikdüzü, Avcılar, Büyükçekmece, Arnavutköy, Çatalca and Başakşehir districts.

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Besantaş Concrete was established in Istanbul / Esenyurt in 2007 and started its activities in 2010. Besantaş Concrete, which produces concrete at the highest standards in the ready-mixed concrete sector, has been laying the foundations of solid and safe buildings since its establishment.

What are we doing?

Besantaş Concrete produces ready-mixed concrete in all types and classes in accordance with TS EN 206 and TS 13515 standards in a way that does not affect human and environmental health with the permissions obtained from legal authorities.


As Besantaş Concrete, we primarily produce ready-mixed concrete in our concrete plants in Istanbul in line with the goals that support sustainable growth without compromising on occupational safety and environmental issues.


Our main principle in ready mixed concrete production is "customer satisfaction and quality". Regardless of the circumstances, we will never compromise these principles. Our concrete laboratory is tested in accordance with ISO 9001, TSE and KGS standards in production under the supervision of many experienced technical personnel and quality control consultants. Concrete classes are produced and delivered in the desired consistency, slump and grain size range.

We are excited to serve our customers with our 5000 m, / day concrete production, shipping and pumping capacity.



It is one of our most important principles to produce special solutions for all the needs of our customers with our young, dynamic, adult and conscious staff, making these solutions permanent and developing programs in this direction. We accept our customers as our business partners and carry out all our work with this awareness. With our technical service and service network, we bring the most effective solutions to problems in the fastest way with our constantly rising and renewing tempo.


Year Of Foundation


Machine Track

6 M+

Concrete Produced


Project Completed



What is Concrete?

Concrete, aggregate (fine and coarse aggregate) is an important building material, which consists of mixing cement and water homogeneously with or without adding chemical and mineral additives in accordance with the production technology, has a plastic consistency at the beginning, solidifies and gains strength over time.


'What is Ready Mixed Concrete?'

The concrete produced by mixing the materials that are brought together in desired proportions by computer control in concrete plants or in dry systems in trans-mixers and delivered to the consumer as "fresh concrete" is called "Ready Mixed Concrete".

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Our facilities:

2007 - 160 m³ concrete plant - Esenyurt

2015 - 130 m³ concrete plant - Esenyurt


Machine Parkour:

20 Pieces Mercedes 4140 Transmixers

5 Pieces Mercedes 3236 Transmixers

15 Pieces Mercedes trucks

1Pieces Scania Truck

4 Pieces 38m Putmiester Concrete Pumps

3 Pieces 47m Putmiester Concrete Pumps

2 Unit Volvo L 150

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