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Toprak Cevherleri İşletmesi İnşaat 

Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

BESANTAŞ mainly in Istanbul, Turkey by building solid structures in general, has been operating in the construction sector.

Çapa 1


Since the day it was founded, it has come up to the present day by following the developments in the world and by doing all kinds of constructions adhering to the principles of Environment and Occupational Safety in all its construction works.

We continue our work as BESANTAŞ CONSTRUCTION GROUP, which has produced hundreds of works in the public and private sector until today.

As a construction group; We have made residences, public buildings, fishermen's shelters, beach filling and arrangements.

As BESANTAŞ, we will continue our work by adopting the principle of quality and aiming to contribute to our country by making environmental and human-oriented constructions in line with the developments in the world.

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